Friday, May 13, 2011

David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman Dumped

Was it the ill fitting Party City stripper gear costume? Was it the images of the show's star Adrianne Palicki bolting down a city street, hands flat and chopping away like an awkward middle aged man in vintage 70's basketball shorts? Maybe it was the script which saw this powerful Amazonian princess curled up in her PJ's eating ice cream after seeing her x boyfriend, singing loudly in her car and countless other girlie movie tripe Hollywood likes to throw out there. I haven't read the script myself, but I can only imagine scenes of her singing into her hairbrush and a montage of her support staff (dubbed the "animals"..and no I'm not making that up) cheering her on as she tries on countless outfits for a big date were not far behind. Whatever may have been the magic bullet that made NBC go, Deadline is reporting the project is toast (at least at NBC.) This may be for the best. Would the public rather see the determined uber-woman with the piercing eyes and unflinching demeanor beat the holy hell out of re-imagined for real life baddies every week? Probably not. Could this have worked with a slight age regression, seeing Diana introduced in her early 20's as a woman among the male dominated world of super heroism who also has the disadvantage of being raised on an all female island stuck in the middle ages? That could have been funny, endearing, quirky and action packed all at once...basically everything we are looking for in a geeky weekly TV series. Let's hope the WB goes back to square one and stops second guessing the incredible writing that is most likely already out there in the Wonder Woman comics. Surely, someone has written some excellent stories in the past 50+ years that they can translate. Let's see some faith in the source material..hmm?

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