Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lord Raptor Plays Only For You

Darkstalkers is one of those games with character designs someone clearly insane must have dreamed up. In the past, you could get your fill their large breasted succubi or kitty women in statue and pvc figure form, but what of the rest of this unholy band of warriors? Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is looking to fill that void!

100 fans died the night of his final live performance, sucked dry of their blood but struck with a look of complete bliss; laying before the skeletal remains of their rock god. His thirst for power caught the eye of Emperor Ozomu, who resurrected the musician, commanding him to kill the Darkstalkers if he wished to gain even greater power. Lord Raptor agrees to this task, but he secretly works to take the Emperor's seat of power for himself.

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to bring you Lord Raptor, new from Pop Culture Shock. This is the ultimate Darkstalkers collectible. A 1:4 scale statue of Lord Raptor/Zabel in mixed media, featuring real fabric pants and real guitar strings! In very limited edition of only 175 pieces, the Sideshow Exclusive version also comes with an interchangeable black guitar. This collectible also comes with a signed certificate of authenticity by Jerry Macaluso.

Click this link to reserve your undead rocker today! Get the Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Darkstalkers Series Lord Raptor Mixed Media Statue at Sideshow Collectibles!!

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