Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Best Tweets Made After Bin Laden Announced Dead

So you don't have to read all 300 of them. In no particular order..

- This is the first time black people are Watching CNN

Devin Faraci - Honestly, what makes this really special is that somehow The Rock knew it first. For some reason I love that.

- It was Youngblood that did it.

- Exclusive: Peter Murphy is preparing to make a "major announcement" concerning Bela Lugosi.

No matter how collected Obama is during his speech, he's hearing LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" blasting in his head.

Paul Nicholasi - Always remember where I was when Bin Laden was reported my apt, surrounded by action figures, holding a camera, with no pants on.

- Wait, what?

Ryan Penagos - I hope when Obama finally shows up, he just flips over the podium and stands there, silently. For 3 hours.

Robert Fure - Early reports from @ indicate Bin Laden was killed by a lightning strike.

- It's official. Robot Chicken has become my reliable news source."@: CNN says Osama bin Laden is dead."

Robot Chicken - @ Stay tuned for weather.

Jhonen Vasquez - Please oh please let shirtless Obama dramatically hold up Osama's head and then throw it down some steps like in Conan.

- Please note: I sent my "dog's doodies r cold" tweet before I heard about Osama. (& this one after.)

Steven Amiri - Toby Keith just wrote two albums in the last hour.

- YES!!!!!!! Fuck you you fucking fuck! I wish we could kill him more than once. Motherfucker. (best tweet of the night. I'm so in love right now.)

Adam Roberts - See what happens when you let gays serve in the military?

Sean Patrick Flanery - Team America, F*** YEAH..!!!!

- Actually, my upstairs neighbors might not be dancing. Knowing them, wouldn't rule out wild, noisy Bin-Laden-is-dead sex. I'm so, so serious.

- That was the illest exit ever........

Dwayne Johnson - ..couldn't have asked for a better birthday present..

And as things began to calm down on the internets, Super Jail became the first animated show to feature sounds of gay men having rough but happy sex. A historic day all around.

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