Sunday, May 29, 2011

Disney Stores Delivering Your Classic Marvel Dreams

Be aware! The pegs of your local plasticashery have been polluted with 3 and 3 quarter super citizens in ever increasing numbers. Where does that leave a collector of the most awesome scale on the planet...namely 6 inch action figures??!! TWISTING IN THE WIND I TELLS YA!! To be honest, Mattel is dishing out the 6 inch love for all the DC comic hero fans, while Hasbro is taking their time and seemingly experimenting with price points for their incoming Marvel Legends relaunch. Who will save us until 2012? Mother F'n Diamond Select, that's who. Flush with success after releasing the most amazing Juggernaut action figure ever created, the east coast boys have now teamed up with a little company called Disney to bring even more mighty Marvels to your shelf space.

Disney Store Marvel Select Exclusive figures will land this August! Classic Hawkeye and Classic Thor will start things off, with Classic Captain America and Classic Black Widow following in September. Diamond Select says "Hawkeye comes with the Wasp (perched on an arrow) and a detailed base featuring the battered remains of Ultron." Readers will note that Marvel Select is in a 7 inch scale, making folks like Juggernaut and Thor in scale with your Marvel Legends collection while someone like Black Widow looks amazonian. I expect collectors will be excited for a new classic Thor figure, since Marvel Select were also the guys to make my favorite Thor action figure wearing his current comic costume. I also expect some buzz around the amazing base Hawkeye is standing on! That said, I'm most curious about the scale of these new figures (in relation to each other), as it would be a sad sad day if we find Black Widow to be the same height as Thor, so keep watching Idleblog for more info as it trickles out.

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