Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Three Reasons to be Watching Warner Brothers This Summer

First, the obvious for the geeks in the house. The hard core people will have seen this trailer. The people like me who don't read every story on the topic may not have. Suffice to say, after watching this, you may be a little more excited for Green Lantern...

Next up is Crazy Stupid Love which has a sort of Love Actually feel wrapped around a central story of a miserable man (Steve Carell) in the midst of a divorce who befriends a ladies' man..and i'm assuming the two learn from each other. Awwww. It's like a touchy feely version of I Love You Man? Maybe. I'm a sucker for these non-typical, borderline sarcastic feel good movies. Take a look...

Finally, we have Final Destination 5. I know I know. The last one was THE FINAL Destination and they are dirty liars, but when is the last time you could say "I am genuinely amped for a Final Destination movie!" ??!! You might now. With a very likeable cast flanked with excellent comedians and top notch special effects, this might finally be a Final Destination movie worth rushing to opening night for...and seeing in 3D! After all, this is why 3D was invented.


  1. I agree with your choices. But how about the dark knight rises teaser trailer? The teaser for TDK came out a year before it's release.

  2. It comes out next year..soo...
    I tend to think most of my readers are like me..they work a lot and have short attention spans. Trust me..I'll be running a lot of news on TDKR soon enough.