Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Preview: The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Merchandise

Oh yea..there IS another super hero movie in 2012! Let's take a quick look at that calendar...

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - February 17th
Avengers - May 4th
Amazing Spider-Man - July 3rd
The Dark Knight Rises - July 20th

July 3rd is a long ways away, but images of licensed movie merch are already surfacing. The first surprise came from MEGABloks which revealed the first pieces for their upcoming construction kits. We recently wondered how the LEGO Marvel license would effect the future of MEGA's involvement with Marvel. It's looking like LEGO will handle anything under the Disney flag (Marvel movies and comics) while MEGA snaps up any film revolving around that massive planet (not verified, just speculation). So far, I think they missed an awesome opportunity with X-Men: First Class, but just about everyone expected that film to under-perform, which explains the lack of product. Maybe they'll pick up sets for The Wolverine and Magneto in 2013! At any rate, sets we've uncovered include Lizard Man Showdown, Oscorp Tower FX Battle, Sewer Lab HQ and FX Spider-Room Stunts.

As expected, there will be a slew of merch bearing the almighty Spidey-Symbol. Among the goods we found include a number of remote control Mini-Quads, a Sewer Chase Submarine, Transforming Racer, Pro Wheels Power Surfer (like our Rip Stick Caster Boards), scooters, skateboards and mooore. As is generally the case, the new merch has revealed the look of our scaly Spidey nemesis. Want to see his lovely face?!

Never say we don't love you. Here's more eye candy...

Hasbro is in on the game with their new Marvel Universe scaled (3 and 3 quarter inch) action figure, boasting 20 points of articulation and extreme attention to detail that not only recreates the new costume down to every stitch from shoulder to the soles of his feet, but displays the leaner physique of the new Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield. They've even enhanced the figure with new semi-metalic paints that make the figure pop and even create a bit of illusion with eyes that appear white but turn gold when the light strikes them a certain way.

Want something a little larger for your shelf? Diamond's Marvel Select line has the answer with a 7 inch Amazing Spider-Man action figure boasting 16 points of articulation, alternate fists for "bust-in-the-chops" action and a wall crawly base you can actually hang on your wall via a handy dandy screw hole on the back! GENIUS! Readers should note the lighting at these shows is craptacular, so the colors of this particular figure will be off a bit. The blues should be way darker, but I had to flash to get the shot.

Matt adds: Fairly obvious they'll make a Lizard action figure as well, as previous movie releases included their big bad. The real question...will Lizard be riding a quad...

Using our crack team of dorktectives, we've extrapolated the following movie plot points from the toys we've shown today. The Lizard's mind is a mess after the accident that changed him into the creature he is today (which at time resembles Godzookie, if you saw that mini-quad figure with the smiley face.) He plots in his sewer laboratory before lashing out against the people he blames for his misfortune with a toxin that changes ordinary people into LIZARD MONSTERS!! (which would explain the SWAT Lizard) Now, only Spider-Man stands between The Lizard and the innocents of New York City. Can he defeat this new horror and maybe even restore him to his former, human self?

Of course, none of that is confirmed...but wouldn't it be funny if it was all true? Stranger things have happened. I've left out the parts where Spider-Man chases Lizard across the state on mini-quads, submarines and racing cars. Can't spoil everything.

P.S...that Lizard Quad will be mine...and probably the submarine.


  1. Sweet jesus, every thing about this movie looks awful. The King Koopa-like Lizard just cinches it for me.

  2. 1) No 6 inch figures yet?!
    2) Why Hasbro makes this awful toys? I say, the ones like Spider-Quad, Lizard-Quad, Spider-Mobile (at least is not as horrible as in the comics), even Spider-Submarine!
    3) I hope to see a better work done here, like what Toy Biz made with Raimi's Spider-Man action figures, not only of the main characters but also of supporting characters (Mary Jane Watson, Norman Osborn, J. J. Jameson, Civilian Peter Parker, battle damaged characters)

  3. 1. You can bet cash money Hasbro will make a 6 inch super posable Amazing Spider-Man.

    2. Hasbro only made the 3 and 3 quarter inch Amazing Spider-Man figure above. The rest are from companies around the world. It is doubtful we'll even see those items in the states, as Hasbro usually makes their own bump-and-go vehicles, racing cars, etc. i don't expect we'll see the lizard on a quad though...but you never know. I'd buy it!

    3. Hasbro isn't known for showing much love to characters in civilian clothing or their non super powered buddies, but if the movie does well enough, dual packs with Mary Jane/ Spider-Man and JJJameson/ the Lizard may not be out of the question. Above all else, make sure they hear what you'd like to buy! I personally would be wishing for a NY City Street playset i can use for photo shoots and displays. Whose with me?

  4. nice spiderman pics