Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Movie Green Goblin We Didn't Get

As a full time geek, I'm no stranger to the 'What If..." game. What is Avatar: The Last Airbender the movie was not a fucking travesty on every level? What if movie Batman didn't growl when he talked? We sit around contemplating what could have been, what will never be, and since we are far superior thinkers than those behind the wheel, how WE would have made it all better. Today, we get a glimpse into one such alternate universe where the creators of the modern Spider-Man film were less concerned with making everything ultra realistic and more into creating a love letter to anyone who ever read a Spider-Man comic and went..."WoW." Gone is the Power Ranger-esque ultra exxxtreeeeme villain Green Goblin, ditched in favor of something more fitting for one who has gone over the edge and plunged head first into darkness. Something vile. Something to make you turn the lights on at night. In short...something to FEAR. Dig this.

New creators of the NEW new Spider-Man films...take notes.

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