Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Geekbook 2011: The Dorkiest of Auctions

It's time to show you all the awesome things you can buy for the geekiest of your loved ones this holiday season! If you are reading this as a regular viewer, there will be plenty to oo and ahh at and add to your Amazon whish lists. For those of you wandering in from the badlands of the Googleverse, these articles will provide you with the stuff of dorky dreams.

Quick tip: Amazon has a wish list feature you can add to your browser allowing you to browse the interwebs and add anything you see to your list. You can reference it later to remember the stuff you want to buy AND doubles as a handy dandy list you can slide to family members who are clueless as to what to buy you for holidays and birthday time!

To kick things off, allow me to hog the stage for a moment and pimp a selection of auctions plucked from the depths of my OWN DARK HEART!!! Rarg. Actually it's mostly stuff I love but have no room for since my apartment is not Tardis like (possessing of infinite space in the inside) all. Up for grabs are ...

NYCC Exclusive Avengers Movie Teaser T Shirt: Navy Blue Thor Edition Size Large
HALO NYCC Exclusive Silver Spartan Mark V Play Arts Action Figure 78 of 400
NYCC Exclusive Hallmark Star Wars Droids Ornaments
NYCC Exclusive Hallmark Glow in the Dark Star Trek U.S.S. Defiant Ornament
SDCC Exclusive Monster High Ghoulia Loves Dead Fast Doll
ThreeA 1/6 Scale World War Robot Bertie MK3 Nightwatch Edition
SDCC Exclusive Green Lantern Movie Carol Ferris Barbie Doll
Dalek Vanimal Zoo Space Monkey Vinyl Art Toys
SDCC Exclusive Mattel Avatar Final Battle Action Figure Set

And more importantly than all of these things are the MUCUS TICK ACTION FIGUES ON SALE!!! For a limited time, get a super posable, semi translucent green Mucus Tick action figure in an exclusive package design for only $15 dollars (plus shipping)! This is the lowest price we've ever posted. Mucus Tick comes with extra hands to hold his stop sign and an extra head for when you want him to be super smiley. Email me at and we'll hook it up. Spread the word! This deal won't last forever!

NOTE: The Mucus Tick deal is ONLY available through me directly. No one else carrying this action figure is obligated to give you the same price.

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