Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Geekbook 2011: Avengers Minimates

Still looking for the perfect gifts? We've got the answers, starting with big scale action in a lil bitty package! Today we'll take a look at two series of Marvel Minimates in stores now and ready to be plucked for the geek you love this holiday season. This year saw our fill of Marvel movies and Diamond Select captured every moment within their amazing Minimates line with Captain America and Thor movie specific pieces.

The Captain America line includes...

- Captain America in his early and final battle outfits, complete with a retro shield for the die hard comic crew. You also get parts to pop his helmet off! Sadly, Diamond left the ladies out of the equation and failed to include parts for Cap's shirtless transformation scene. We did our best but lacked shirtless arms, so our shot is the stuff of LEGO like hilarity. Build-a-super soldier, indeed!
- Bucky with tragic death action
- The Red Skull with a pop off face!
- Hydra Agents that come in 4 flavors (Pilot, Infantry, Flame Thrower & Soldier)
- Howard Stark with old timey womanizer charm
- Peggy Carter

The Thor line includes...

- THOR, natch! We faked the earth locked Thor by pulling off his cape and swapping his arms out for Agent Coulson's (which are black). You can swap his luxurious locks for his helmet.
- Odin with insolent, cruel boy banishing action
- Two flavors of Frost Giant
- Laufey, King of the Frost Giants with the girliest name
- Asgardian Royal Guard
- Selvig (the scientist)
- Jane Foster (the Portman)
- Loki
- Destroyer
- Agent Coulson with his bull horn of JUSTICE!

Everything you'll need to recreate your favorite movie scenes on your tiny cubicle desk is available at your local comic shop or about a billion online shops. Happy Hunting!

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