Saturday, December 10, 2011

A New Teaser Poster for The Dark Knight Rises

The Summer of 2012 is so very, very far away, but much like the lead up to any super geek movie, it will be here in a flash and we'll be frothing at the mouth over the next comic to screen epic in line.

But..for now...the
Sweet, sweet pain.

Some of my journo comrades were treated to a sneak peek of IMAX footage some days ago and had little to report beyond "Bane on a Plane!" Honestly, I suspect we've seen more footage in the 3 thousand sneaky-cam set pictures that have been pouring onto the internet since day 1. Bane? Seen him. Catwoman? Revealed..sort of. Batman obviously singing Karaoke for the citizens of Gotham? Check. Now the mighty mighty WB releases a new teaser poster to trigger that drool reflex once more and get you dreaming of black suited saviors this holiday season.


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