Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Amazing Spider-Man Lizard Teaser

This time we get a look at the shape of Lizard's body, courtesy of Diamond Select's Marvel Select Amazing Spider-Man Action figures! Here's the blurb...

Designed and Sculpted by Gentle Giant! A new movie means a new villain for Spider-Man to battle, and Marvel Select is there to bring the Lizard to life! Capturing the top-secret movie look of Dr. Curt Connors, a.k.a. the cold-blooded Lizard, this 7-inch-scale figure features 16 points of articulation, for endless reptile-on-spider action! Figure comes displayed in oversized collector packaging, and is only available on the specialty market.

You'll recall the last time we saw a toy featuring the Lizard, he was without his signature Lab Coat or Hulk active wear for the professional monster (aka Purple Pants)...or clothing of any kind. Take a look...

This new image seems to give further proof of this naked appearance, though it would be easy enough to hide ripped shorts in the silhouette above. I doubt it though. The Mega Bloks image back up this image to the left. My money is on naked Lizard as the core look for the film.

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Quick notes since there is a debate raging on IMDB: Traditionally, a licensee (ie; the toy maker in this case) will only make a toy capturing the look the character has for the bulk of the film. In the case of Hasbro and MEGABloks, since they have an entire line focusing on this and few heroes and villains to fill it up, there's a chance we'll get 2 looks, but most likely not regular humans (except maybe in the MEGA lines since they can crank out tiny figures til the cows come home.) Anyway, my point is, the blacked out figure and the figure on the quad are probably what you will see Lizard looking like for the bulk of the film..little bit of a snout, no clothing and a tail. Do I think they will show him in the lab coat and purpley pants as a nod to his classic look in comics? Yes, but it will probably be when he first transforms. The MEGABloks sets show him in a lab coat and no pants, and there is no reason for them to make that unless it is in the film. Sure, he is on a jet ski at the time, but we'll just chalk that up to Toy Fun! I certainly don't think Lizard and Spider-Man will have a cataclysmic quad battle either, but I do hold out hope for a dirt bike race. Do I think Lizard will transform further? Absolutely. I think he will be full on raging monster by the film's finale, forcing Spider-Man to make a though choice in how to stop him since he still remembers the man inside. We shall seeeee...

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