Monday, January 2, 2012

The Steve Jobs Action Figure

No, it won't have pouches or giant guns to mow down the competition, though you could add them later.
No, it will not come with rape face action.
No, it won't glance over at your inferior non-MAC products and snicker, though he is so realistic, you might think he is.

What it will do is have all your Barbies swooning and make your super sized Incredible Hulk feel inferior. IT HAS THAT POWER.

Master plastic chefs In Icons have cooked up this beautiful 12 inch Steve Jobs action figure; a piece certainly worthy of Hot Toys fandom praise. Your Steve Jobs: Super Soldier comes packed with...

-One realistic head sculpt & Two pairs of glasses
-One highly articulated body & Three pairs of hands
-One black turtleneck & One pair of blue jeans
-One black leather belt & One chair (wood + metal)
-One pair of black socks & sneaker
-Two apples (One with a bite.)
-One piece of "ONE MORE THING” hard backdrop

Sadly, he does not come with an Ianything to show off to Batman and mutter "WayneTech my ass" as he saunters away. Steve retails for 99.99 without shipping and can be ordered HERE! They are set to start shipping late February, so this one is on the fast track and most likely is being made to order, so don't wait or risk being...umm...Jobless. yesh. That will do.

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