Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Toy Fair 2012: DC Direct Rises

We haven't heard much from DC Direct in the last few months. At first we'd thought DCD was given the shaft in a deal WB made with Mattel, allowing Mattel to snap up all the key characters and events, leaving the scraps for DCD. Then we slowly realized, for some odd reason, both companies were being put in direct competition with each other! Both crews showed off lines of Batman: Arkham City action figures in collector friendly scales with all the sculpting and paints we love. While it still seems DC Direct is down to a virtual trickle in regards to their action figure releases (compared to past years), they've still got plenty to offer fans of DC Comics...and especially those digging on the new 52! Here's a run down of upcoming products from DC Direct for 2012...

(NOTE: As a bonus for the new folks, we've provided links to pics from past cons that some of these items were shown at, so click the links for more eye candy! Enjoy!!)

Dark Knight Rises 6 inch Figures - HOLEEE DAMN!! This has to be the shocker of the year, as the one thing holding back most collectors from popping on the superior sculpts (out of production) of DCD was the 7 inch standard scale. This announcement of a 6 inch scale changes the game. (Yes..I am being overly dramatic. I am a geek. This should not surprise you.) Will they have limited articulation or match Mattel's offerings..or have any articulation at all...and will Mattel stay clear of the collector segment and just focus on mass market shiny plastics? QUESTIONS!! I HAVE SO MANY!!!! Whatever the game plan may be, this June will see Dark Knight Rises Batman, Bane & Catwoman action figures in comic shops.

NOTE: After staring at these pics for a while, we noticed there are bases involved for each, lending further proof that these may be pre-posed pvc type figures, like the Ame-Comi line. I wouldn't hold out hope that these are 6 inch action figures. Mattel seems to have a lock on that.

Dark Knight Rises 12 inch statues
- This July - Bane, Catwoman (shown above) & Batman

Dark Knight Rises Busts - June: Bane, Batman and Catwoman

Batman Arkham City Action Figures - Series 2 April 2012 - Catwoman, The Riddler, Hush, Batman in Detective Mode & Jervis Tetch AKA he Mad Hatter. Series 3 September 2012 - Clown Thug, The Penguin, Ra's Al Ghul, Batman & Azrael.

Batman Arkham City Deluxe Collector Action Figures - This June: Killer Croc Deluxe, Mr Freeze Deluxe and in November Titan Joker Deluxe. This wave kills all comers. Seriously. HUGE scaled figures with amazing sculpts (save for the smaller Freeze who is no less mind blowing) all around. ..and THAT is the best Killer Croc we will ever see. (CLICK HERE for pics from NYCC!)

Superman & Batman Bronze Patina Statues - Batman in February & Superman in May

Justice League Action Figures - Superman in January, Batman in May, Green Lantern in June, Aquaman in June, Cyborg in October & Wonder Woman in October. (CLICK HERE for a bonus pic of Hawkman!) -more JL pics in the link at the bottom of the article. It is a little odd Hawkman was left out of the image though...

MAD Magazine Just-Us League of Stupid Heroes - Series 1 in July with Alfred as Superman, Green Arrow and Aquaman. Series 2 in September with Alfred as The Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. Series 3 in November with Alfred as Batman, Robin and The Joker. Whom ever did this pic is a genius. LOVE the cardboard Hall of Justice!! GENIUS. (CLICK HERE for more MAD Pictures!) -another link at the bottom of this article

MAD Magazine Spy vs Spy Vinyl Assortment coming May 2012 with both Black and White.

Ame-Come Girl PVC Figures
- White Canary in February, Wonder Woman as Star Sapphire, Wonder Woman in March, Raven (Dark and Light) in March, Hawkgirl in May, Black Lantern Flash in June, Arisia in August, (and not shown) Brainiac in September, Harley Quinn V.2 in October & Holiday Catwoman in November!

Batman: Black and White statue series - Sergio Argones Batman in stores NOW, Mike Mignola Batman this February, Sam Keith Batman in March, Jim Lee Batman in March, Darwyn Cooke Batman in July, Jock Batman in August, Brian Joker in September & Kelly Jones Bane in October (CLICK HERE for more images of the Black & White series and more statues!)

Green Lantern The Animated Series statues
- Atrocitus in March, Green Lantern in May and Saint Walker in August

Cover Girls of the DC Universe: The New 52 Statues
- Raven in May, Wonder Woman in July, Catwoman in September & Poison Ivy in November.

DC Comics The New 52 Busts - Cyborg in July, Batgirl in August, Grifter in August, Wonder Woman in September, Blue Beetle in September, Element Woman in October, Superman in October, Supergirl in November and SHAZAM! in November.

Batman 1:4 Scale Museum Quality Statue - September 2012

Catwoman 1:4 Scale Museum Quality Statue - February 2012

The Dark Knight Returns Batman vs Superman Battle Statue - August 2012

Green Lantern VS Parallax Battle Statue - March 2012

(CLICK HERE for more images of the Black & White series, Ame-Comi, MAD, Justice League and more!)

Not sure if this is already widely known, but I found it interesting they've ditched the forced use of Selina Kyle in favor of straight up CATWOMAN! There are even children's books coming out that use the name, so there you go, for what it's worth. Maybe we'll hear the name spoken in the film...maybe it is just being used for merchandising for obvious reasons. Still no word on those 3 and 3 quarter inch Green Lantern Comic action figures, but we'll keep our ear to the ground for info! Keep your eyes GLUED here for the next month!!!

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  1. Amazing news! I can't wait for all the awesome products coming out. The Batgirl bust looks fantastic so far! My only criticisms are (1.) that the new CoverGirls statues look to be VERY different from the existing ones.. they almost look like they belong in the DC Dynamics line. The wonder woman looks like a giant heroclix. and (2.) The DKR busts should NOT say "Dark Knight Rises" on them. The emblem should be enough! Also, not super crazy about Catwoman's eyes on the bust. All-in-all i'm gonna be broke this year and i'm actally excited about it :)

    1. I hear ya. I am NOT a fan of big name plates or etched titles on the base of a bust. If I'm spending 60 to 150 bucks on a bust, I know who it is and where they come from.

  2. Does this mean Raven exists in the DCnU? Also, why does Catwoman HAVE to have her zipper down. Ugh. I agree though, the Cover Girls don't look like they belong with the others, and yes, that Wonder Woman DOES look like a giant Heroclix. The Batgirl bust looks good, but that's all I'd get. I hate the new DC but at least that looks really good. I also agree that the DKR Catwoman bust's eyes don't look that good; for the price it will be, overall, it could be a lot nice, but I'll get it even if it's uglier, simply to support Catwoman where she seems to be treated with a bit more dignity, cla