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Toy Fair 2012 : The Doctor is IN

Doctor Who, you ask? EXACTLY!! (500 dork points to me) UK Toy Fair is done and gone and US Toy Fair looms before us like a great, leaning tower of LEGO, but we've still got a giant stack of coverage to unload so check in daily. Today, we begin with the TV series that owns the hearts and minds of the Brits and ain't doing too shabby in the states, either. The UK toy show had Who merch hidden on the show floor like buried treasure, so lets take a look at the cream of the crop.

Big Chief Studios 12 inch Collector Figures

Doctor Who 1:6 Scale Limited Edition Collector Figure : featuring the authentic likeness of Matt Smith, a jacket, shirt, cool bow tie, pair of bracers, pair of trousers, pair of boots, pair of socks, 6 interchangeable hands, TARDIS floor base with stand, Sonic Screwdriver (closed), Sonic Screwdriver (open), wallet with psychic paper, nano recorder gun, lash-up device, time lord consciousness cube, the Doctor's invitation with envelope, TARDIS door sign fragment, the Doctor's handkerchief and wristwatch.
Shipping 1st quarter of 2012 - MSRP (UK) 149.99 (around $200 US)

Amy Pond 1:6 Scale Limited Edition Collector Figure : featuring the authentic likeness of Karen Gillan, a jacket, shirt, skirt, pair of tights, pair of boots, 6 interchangeable hands, TARDIS Floor Base with stand, mobile phone, apple with smiley face, marker pen with lanyard, picture frame with photo, Raggedy Doctor and Amy dolls, pendant necklace, wrist watch and Amy's invitation with envelope!
Shipping the 2nd quarter of 2012 - MSRP (UK) 149.99

(NOTE: Figures and packaging are prototypes, not final product. The Doctor's jacket will be a different color on final product.)

Next in line for production..THE WEEPING ANGELS!!
With countless monsters and aliens populating the universe, we wanted to choose a worthy adversary for our Eleventh Doctor figure. A Dalek perhaps? Maybe a Cyberman? After numerous discussions and brainstorming sessions, we kept coming back to arguably one of the show’s most scary creations – the Weeping Angels. The figure is currently at the earliest stage of development, but we have exciting plans for these terrifying characters.
Oh..and we'll soon be getting the 10th Doctor as well. Star saving your cash!

Character Building Doctor Who Micro Figures Series 3

Character created their own building block universe last year and looks to continue into 2012 with more Doctor Who madness! Characters include River Song, Rory, Gold and Black Daleks, Judoon Warrior (with and without helmet), The Silence, Ood, Handbot and more. Dig the picture for the full reveal...

Vid courtesy of!

Character also showed several lines for their Appgear series including a Doctor Who first-person shooter rig! Connect a smart device to the Dalek or Cyberman pistol to turn yout world into a digital battlefield. Aim pistol and pull trigger to shoot Daleks, Angels and Cybermen in the game. Point the pistol down to reload. Controls use a first-person viewpoint with pan and tilt function.

Our last bit of info reveals a TARDIS Smartsafe - a Smartphone controlled safe! Seems incredibly complicated, but the uber fan will probably die for it.

We've also got some images of various nicknacks from parts unknown flanking
Big Chief's Tenth Doctor 9" Dynamix Ultra-Stylized Vinyl Figurine, made in a limited edition of 3 thousand.

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