Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Toy Fair 2012: Mezco's Living Dead Dolls

Horror toys seem to be staple in the Toy Fair parade of plastics every year, and few are able to pump every ounce of their horror love into their products quite like Mezco toys. We caught up with our creepy buddies at UK Toy Fair and got an eyeful of Living Dead Dolls art for 2012! On tap...

Rotten Sam & Sandy: Rotten Sam and Sandy, creep from your toy chest at night, They hide in the shadows of your bedroom after you turn out the light, They giggle and whisper in darkness, just in the corner of sight, They speak of candy and razors, and things much too horrid to bear, And if you peer ‘neath your bed tonight, you can be sure they’ll be there. They just want to have fun with you, playing all day and all night, your screams are like candy to them, ...pray you can get to the light. - Shipping this month!

Living Dead Dolls Series 23: Introduces Teddy, Quack, Agatha, Jennocide and Betsy: these little terrors fancy a cup of tea, with a twist of terror and a pinch of arsenic. They invite you to come play “tea party”, each comes with their own skull shaped tea cup except for Betsy, who comes with a skull shaped teapot with removable lid. Of course one can’t have a tea party without a table, so each doll with a tea cup also comes with a table leg. Snap the legs onto a Living Dead Doll coffin lid and you have the perfect tea table for a party beneath the moonlight…just watch out for the taste of almonds. - July 2012

Scary Tales Volume 3: Hansel & Gretel - April 2012

Scary Tales Volume 4: Snow White & The Evil Stepmother/ The Queen - May 2012

..and no Living Dead Dolls lineup would be complete without a modern horror icon, so we present to you...CHUCKY!! He's sewn up, battered, tattered and beaten down...but he won't stop killing until his batteries run out! You'll find him on store shelves this October.

Since Universal Monsters seems to be dishing out the licenses this year (as you'll see when we scare up some LEGO pics), it was a no-brainer for Living Dead Dolls to join in the fun. CLICK HERE to head over to DREAD CENTRAL to see pics of the new Living Dead Dolls DRACULA!

Mezco is sure to explore the entire universe of Universal Monsters as they are massive horror fans just like us so we expect more surprises to come out of the NY Toy Fair in a few weeks. Damien Glonek of Mezco said "We have been wanting to do Universal Monsters for a very long time, so when an opportunity comes along to pay homage to something you love and grew up with it is always a real treat." He also mentioned that Dracula, the first piece from the Universal Monsters lineup, will not surface until 2013.

Stay locked in to Idle Hands for all the Toy Fair news you can handle!!

CLICK HERE for images of Mezco's Living Dead Dolls from New York Comic Con!

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CLICK HERE to pre-order the Living Dead Dolls Scary Tales Hansel and Gretel Dolls Set!

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