Thursday, January 26, 2012

Toy Fair 2012: Marvel Select Avengers Hawkeye

As is the trend as we get closer to the big show (ie; Toy Fair), the biggest scoops get given to humungous websites that have very little to do with action figures. (but I'm not bitter...much.) Ain't It Cool got this first look at Diamond Select's Marvel Select Avengers Movie Hawkeye, which I stumbled upon by accident through a narcissistic search for websites running our Batman news which lead me to an Italian website. Gotta love it.

While I'll say this is the best Hawkeye figure I've seen to date...and go so far as to say Marvel Select blew the doors off of Hasbro's version, I still don't think the likeness is there. I'd also like to make a snarky MEH face at the costume which is completely uninspired, gives ZERO nods to the classic comic look and just smacks of real world X-Menified leathers. Blaa. While I didn't expect them to deck him out in purple tights, I was just hoping for...well...more. Oh well. That said, more kudos to Marvel Select for packing this dude with articulation..something the line is not really known for! Now the final question will be how Hawkeye looks next to Widow, Cap, Thor, etc. Marvel Select is also not known for putting their figures in scale with each other, deferring to a 7 inch standard save for those extra big monsters.

Ain't It Cool reports we'll see the Gentle Giant crafted Hawkeye this May, sporting 16 points of articulation, his bow and arrows and a detailed base that locks into the base of the Mystery Villain of the Avengers film. Now we wait for Hulk to pop up on E or some such movie site. (yes totally bitter.)

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    i love the story of this avengers movie and hawkeye is my favourite character