Tuesday, January 10, 2012

G.I. Jason Storming Your Closet

Ah.. Friday the 13th. For some, it is mini Halloween. As a kid, my mom would throw us Friday the 13th parties with horror movies playing in a darkened basement and traps rigged in the dark to spring scares as simple as slime on doorknobs or a lanky toy monkey with matted hair staring you in the face. As we grow older, one thing becomes abundantly clear. Friday the 13th belongs to a man named Jason Voorhees..and now he's going into battle...for freedom.


no..i'm not singing. I'll let the ukulele girl make up a song for this one.

Fright Rags celebrates the man in the hockey mask with a brandie new, limited edition T shirt! The G.I. Jason T shirt goes on sale this Friday (the 13th, natch) and will be available for order for only three days. Come Monday, the curse is lifted and it goes poof. FreddyinSpace is reporting you'll be able to buy t shirts in men's and women's sizes as well as a hoodie most horror loving geeklings will not be able to resist. Assume your online purchasing stance!Link

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