Friday, March 23, 2012

The Dark Knight Returns to Kotobukiya

The world of collectibles is in a Bat-Frenzy at the moment with anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises movie building to explosive proportions, so it should be of no surprise that Kotobukiya would get in on the Bat-Madness! While the rest of the planet is interpreting the man in black primarily from his film appearances, Koto went a different route with one of their upcoming statues and created a new ARTFX Statue ripped from the pages of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns!

Note his gruff, more seasoned Clint Eastwood-esque visage. Note the bulkier frame to both Batman and Joker as they engage in combat one last time. Thrill to the moment right before Joker loses some teeth to a meaty fist of justice! (I'm copyrighting that..u can't steal it) It's 12 inches of anger, pain and vengeance that were not triggered by the ending of Mass Effect 3. You'll be able to take home the Batman: Hunt the Dark Knight ARTFX Statue this September!

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