Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ultimate Spider-Man Swings April 1st!

This weekend, Spider-Man returns to the noise box with what looks to be a cartoon that is FINALLY as fun as the comics I remember as a kid!!  Do I mind the Spidey-cycle? Not a bit. The quick shot of Peter Parker doing his own suit repairs after a battle more than makes up for it. Will I really get up at 11am on a Sunday to watch? Welllll...11 isn't toooo we shall see.

The most anticipated new animated series of the year, Ultimate Spider-Man, premieres on Disney XD on April 1 at 11a/10c. Go inside the show with this exclusive look behind the scenes with the powerhouse creators and the superstar voice cast.

The Birth of Ultimate Spider-Man by Nomadixxx

Want even more? Stop by one of the ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN LAUNCH PARTY EVENTS on March 31, in NYC and LA, to meet some of the featured talent including Jeph Loeb, Paul Dini, Joe Quesada, Man of Action, Clark Gregg and more!

New York – March 31 12-4pm  Midtown Comics Downtown (64 Fulton Street, NYC)
Featuring Joe Quesada (Marvel Chief Creative Officer), Joe Kelly (Man of Action) and Chris Eliopoulos (Ultimate Spider-Man Premiere Comic)

Los Angeles – March 31 12-4pm  Meltdown Comics (7522 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood)
Featuring Jeph Loeb (Marvel’s Head of TV), Paul Dini (Creative Consultant), Duncan Rouleau & Steven T. Seagle (Man of Action), Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) and Misty Lee (Aunt May)

Go show your Agent Coulson love!!!

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