Friday, March 23, 2012

Game of Thrones Season 2 : You Win or You Die

I can't count the number of people flying along my Facebook feed, pleading to their pagan gods that TODAY be the day that Game of Thrones Season 2 begins!! Obviously their gods are cruel, and the wait continues, but HBO is kind and merciful, if not mischievous. They would teaaaaase you into a frenzy so that when the day comes when the Dragon goes on the march...the Starks continue their quest for vengeance...and Winter descends upon them will be there, eyes fixed, unmoving, with the nerdiest grin imaginable across your beaming face. Indeed, it is an ingenious plot. Today, HBO stirs that pot with a giant sized clip delving into the motivations of our heroes and villains, giving you plenty of peeks into that world which, at the moment, seems so far away.

note: if you haven't seen season 1 and plan to..DO NOT watch the vid below!

Games of Thrones Season 2 begins April 1st on HBO!

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  1. The only thing I hope out of this season is that Joffrey’s head winds up on a pike as well. Season 1 was a great season, except for Ned losing his head, but not everything can be roses right? I really think Season 2 will be better then the first, but I can’t take a thing away from GoT at all, HBO has gone above and beyond with this adaptation of the books. I wanted to get a refresher before season 2 came out, so I added it to my queue when it was released on my blockbuster @home account. After a almost 2 weeks I couldn’t figure out why it hadn’t come until I looked at my queued and realized that I hadn’t moved it up in priority, and after I fixed that I had them 48 hours later, and started to enjoy them yesterday. Unfortunately my GoT marathon got cut short half way through since I had to go work at DISH, but hey you have to work right? I am just glad that I decided to get the blockbuster @home pack, it has come in handy not only for streaming but for getting DVD’s by mail.

    1. this a commercial? SHILL! kidding. I watched the whole season in one day, so that should tell you my feelings on the subject. Sadly, I don't have HBO, so I'll be left to the tender mercies of my HBO reps, should they choose to send me screeners, or I'll be covering my eyes the whole time to avoid spoilers until I'm able to watch on Blu-ray!