Monday, March 19, 2012

The Eye Candy of Wondercon 2012

Yes, it is true we are still posting Toy Fair pics...because we have real jobs and there are about a billion of them...but that won't stop us from hitting another convention!! With the warm weather and chirping birds comes sweaty geeks, over priced pizza, long lines for John Luke Picard's coveted autograph and rows and rows of the very comic books that started all these gatherings of pasty peoples. This weekend, Wondercon hit Anaheim, CA, and our buddy Steve Sievers of was there to soak up all the nerdiness and send back a nice pile of pics for your eager eyeballs. Here are the high points...

Dark Knight Rises Converse!! - We have seen DC Direct's awesome line of Batman: Dark Knight Rises movie statues and busts, so a collection of hats from New Era (available in July) and some killer Converse sneakers (also in July, available at Journeys) stole the show for me. DC Entertainment were also showing a couple of Justice League figures, MAD Magazine Spy vs Spy figures, and the Alfred as Just-Us League members figure line. Plenty more pics of those things and other Bat-Family merchandise like the Arkham City action figure line right HERE!

Additional note: BATMAN LIVE coming to the US September 5-9 at the Honda Center in Anaheim and Sept. 27-30 at the Staples Center in LA!!

Gentle Giant Marvel Busts - Wondercon is the first show since San Diego Comic Con that GG has popped up at..meaning we didn't get our fix at Toy Fair save for a hand full of official pics. One look at Gentle Giant's HULK should give you all the reasons in the world to sit up, take notice and start making your must buy list! For me, it's the Deadpool Corps with Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Headpool, Dogpool and if you are a completest...Squirrelpool. If this is your first time being alerted to these awesome Deadpool pieces, you may want to go look up Gentle Giant's Deadpool head pen holder as well! Stick your implements of destruction (and writing) directly into his head and assure all the fine folks in your office will be looking at YOU any time someone calls in an anonymous bomb threat. Good times. GG also showed off some of their newest Star Wars busts and retro 12 inch figures, their newest Sucker Punch statues and even a lil bitty Mars Attacks head..saucer..thingy. Adorable.

Retro Outlaw Studios Clockwork Orange 12 inch Mighty Droog Leader - Retro Outlaw's love affair with A Clockwork Orange continues with this kick ass in-action figure which appears to come in orange bronze and fully painted editions. The box boasts super secrets inside and a stand included! Eagle eyed toy hunters will remember this as an extremely limited SDCC exclusive with all pieces signed by Malcolm Mcdowell and painter Santoro. The secret prizes locked inside include art prints, stickers and buttons. The crew at Retro must have found some left overs, so if you are hot for this piece, better get in touch with them asap and hope something is left from Wondercon!

Avengers Prop Movie Replicas - With the Avengers trailer making grown geeks teary eyed across the globe, it is no wonder EFX have a hit on their hands with their prop replica line. On display at Wondercon were Captain America's helmet and shield, Thor's helmet and hammer and Iron Man's helmet along side some helmets from Star Wars, a light saber or two and costumes from Battlestar Galactica. Steve made sure to shoot every angle of those Avengers prop replicas so you can see the extreeeeeme detail that went into re-creating these.

Also on display were Triad Toys' 12 action figures from Zoro, John Carter of Mars and more, I Heart Guts adorable plush body parts, Quantum Mechanix Doctor Horrible, Serenity and Star Trek pieces, and Kotobukiya's killer Marvel Comics statues as well as their Bishoujo girls statue line ...complete with a new wave of Tekken ladies coming soon!

CLICK HERE to see it all!

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