Monday, March 26, 2012

LEGO Minifigures Series 7

Old news to die hard LEGO Maniacs (as I'm certain that's what they call themselves), but NEW NEWS to us casual collectors who see them on sale, grab a couple, and then curse that we spent 3 dollars on a mini girl Tennis Player and Disco Stu. I WANTED THE LIZARD MAN, DAMNIT!!! If the frustration of these little blind packaged menaces doesn't deter you, then here's a pic and info on the latest wave coming to retail!

The lineup includes...

Geek, Bride, Daredevil, Female Viking, Jungle Boy, Bunny Suit Guy, Olympic Swimmer, Male Tennis Player, Female Rock Star, Aztec Warrior, Bagpipe Player, Sci-Fi Warrior, Hippie, Evil Knight, Little Red Riding Hood & KING POSEIDON!!! ..or Ariel's dad...whichever u prefer.

We hear these are hitting stores now, which is funny because we never even saw series 6 at retail. Baa.


  1. Really? Series 6 is everywhere here. Toys R Us is even doing a 'Buy One Get One Half Off' sale on Seris 6 this week.

    1. Not here in scalper land. There are bins full of series 5 which aren't selling anymore.