Saturday, March 10, 2012

NECA's 2012 Exclusives

We've been posting some pretty amazing figures from NECA Toys, shown at this year's International Toy Fair, but there are still more surprises laying in wait for your sweaty little, plastic loving palms this year! NECA appears to have teamed up with Toys R Us to deliver a power pack of exclusive action figures across their most popular lines. The lineup may include...

From the movie Gremlins 2: The Lightning Gremlin
From the video game Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood: Rome Edition Ezio
From the video game Bioshock 2: Brute Splicer
A Jungle Hunter Cloaked Predator
and note this last one was a hell of a translation... Night Fighter Robocop!

We say "may" because NECA have not confirmed this wave of figures, nor have they even hinted at them in our notes from Toy Fair. We've seen the Lightning Gremlin and Brute Splicer a couple of times now, so no surprised there as they were slated for general release anyway but are clearly now set on another path, and either way, we are glad NECA found a means to get them to frantic fans. Now work on bringing us that Spider Gremlin!! It's never enough, is it?

The Rome Edition Ezio, Jungle Hunter Cloaked Predator and Night Fighter Robo are completely new to us. We are told the last one will GLOW IN THE DARK!!! Must have toy for 2012? I think yes. Our tipster points out that this Robocop must be a homage to a certain classic Kenner item. One look at the E.T. line will tell you how NECA feels about classic toys! At any rate, if all goes to plan, these items should show up on the pegs at Toys R Us this Summer, with a limited supply dished out to international chains.

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