Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The movie has come and gone, but the DVD and Blu-ray are fast approaching! To celebrate the March 20th release of The Muppets, our floppy, stitched friends are back to parody the one film powerful enough to topple the mighty Twilight juggernaut. It's time Kermit and friends play The Hunger Games...

So is this like Battle Royale in that each player gets a weapon but they don't know what they will get? I might be more interested in the film if Katniss Everdeen went to war with a pot lid. Of course, I'd be even more interested if the Muppets spoofed Battle Royale in a short 15 minute film and took each other out with special Muppet influenced weapons like flying fish, bomb traps and hand buzzers that fry you all the way through Joker style. Oh man...SOMEONE MAKE THAT VIDEO GAME!!! I'm sure Disney would approve it. Yea..why not.

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