Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dark Knight Rises Pre-Order Reveals

Dark Knight Rises is still a ways off from theatrical release, but the toy train keeps marching on! Today, we got wind of Entertainment Earth pre-orders teasing a "secret character" for the film, and considering this character will be included in Mattel's Movie Masters "collector" action figure line, that appearance should mean something to Bat fans everywhere. We've also seen a listing for a John Blake action figure, giving Joseph Gordon-Levitt his first action figure, ladies!! (and no, we don't count the G.I. Joe figure that looks nothing like him.)

For those new to Mattel's Movie Masters action figure series, you'll see these 6 inch figures at retail and on sale at online shops. This particular series for the Dark Knight Rises film features a Build-A-Bat Signal that lights up and projects the bat symbol onto your wall. Having this build-a-figure feature included in the line explains the need for more characters in their usually small Batman Movie Masters line. One worry for fans has been the sales of the previous lines for the Green Lantern film. Mattel flooded pegs with the first run, forcing retailers to say "no thank you" when it came time for collectors to complete their Parallax build-a-creature figure with the last action figure wave, leaving people like me with a pile of tentacles. It would be a shame for fans to miss out on a completed Bat Signal if they invest in the first waves, so let Mattel know you want them to take it easy with those first shipments so we get the whole damn thing!

Mattel's Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters series 1 includes Batman, Bane and Alfred. Wave 2 includes Batman, Catwoman (goggles up), Bane and Alfred. We expect the maskless Batman above to be a swap out, and hope for your sakes it isn't a near-impossible-to-find chase figure like the Demon Batman from previous waves, but Mattel does love making you beg for it, so I'd be prepared for heart ache. For some reason both waves, the secret figure and John Blake are due out in August, so maybe the plan is to release the whole line all at once? This would certainly solve the problem of not finding the final waves later, but at $17.99 a pop, you'd better start saving now.

CLICK HERE to see Mattel's Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters action figures!

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