Monday, August 27, 2012

A Brief (very brief) History of ParaNorman Figures

I finally got a chance to see Laika's latest stop motion masterpiece "ParaNorman" yesterday, in 3D, and I have to say I was not disappointed! I do have one observation though...did I just watch a stop motion Silent Hill?! We've got the cursed, overly religious towns folk...the burned alive, innocent child who goes all "Grudge" in the afterlife...the white screens...the burn-aways (in place of the rotting landscape as the sirens sound)...the similarities are glaring! Of course, Laika have cut back on their pissed off specter's bloody vengeance, as this needs to be at least a little safe for the kiddies, even though that is not the main concern of the film makers. Never the less, you won't find any razor wire sodomy in ParaNorman, but the 3D stop motion is unmatched!'s a trade off.

Huckleberry Toys have released a series of static figures for ParaNorman with characters including Norman brushing his teeth, Norman fleeing the rising zombie terrors, Neil with his hockey mask, Alvin (pictured but not in the photoshoot as he was unavailable at the time), Zombie Judge Hopkins, Zombie John Henry, Zombie Thaddeus Glover & Zombie Amelia Wilcott. Each character comes on a little base with the zombies on their grave sites! We've also included the San Diego Comic-Con glow in the dark exclusives alongside their standard counterparts for comparison. The lot are available NOW and ParaNorman is creeping up theaters today, so grab all your friends and see the movie, then go buy some toys!!!

CLICK HERE to check out the rest of the ParaNorman photo set!


  1. I really dug this movie, the stop motion looked great. I def. gotta get my hands on a few of these figures.

    1. They are painted really well, as you can see. The camera doesn't lie! They feel sturdy too.