Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hot Spanish Super Mario Love

Here in the states, we have mega stars getting acquainted with Siri; the omnipresent voice of their iPhone... with fairly idiotic results. These commercials are so dim, they have spawned a Twitter called Zooey Asks Siri, in which a parody Zooey Dachenel asks Siri such gems as "Siri, where can I find a purse made from bells?" or "Siri, find me a list of superpowers that no one has yet."or my current favorite "Siri, make a note: A store that sells hats from the Olympics." To give credit for being there first...however you can do that in a world where celebrity endorsements have always been around...Nintendo were sort of the originators of celebs talking lovingly to their hand held devices. Take from that statement whatever visual you need to get you through your day, but note that if this were, at the very least, the cinemaxish porn the setting would normally suggest, the ending would be waaaaay different. Tip of the hat to Bleeding Cool for the heads up!

Of course none of this makes me want to buy another game system, adorable Spaniards or not...but I thank Nintendo UK for two hot ladies rolling around playing video games. For some folks, that's more than enough.

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