Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Quint Day!

Today is the birthday of Robert Shaw AKA Quint from Jaws, so for the remainder of the day, any time someone asks you something, be sure to answer them in a gruff tone and don't exactly answer the question as much as threaten them and throw out a sexual innuendo in the same breathe. It will be so much fun.

With a distinguished acting career that spanned nearly 30 years, the English actor and novelist Robert Shaw is perhaps best known for his role as the shark hunter "Quint" in JAWS. In celebration of his birthday (August 9th) and the start of JAWSFEST ( today on Martha's Vineyard, here is a new bonus clip about the iconic actor from the new documentary "THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING: THE IMPACT AND LEGACY OF JAWS," a bonus feature on the upcoming JAWS Blu-ray.

For me, the best Quint scene in the film is when he goes to buy piano wire, creeps up behind the little boy playing music and decides to sing along with him. He's like that obnoxious, perhaps slightly mentally unstable uncle you deny you are related to when you run into him in public. To this day, I seek out films that combine a healthy, odd sense of humor (as you'd find in real life) with the horrors, action or whatever genre is at the crux of the movie.

If you would like to crush it like Quint, Narragansett Beer has released a limited edition 1975 retro can! The retro can is now available in package stores where Narragansett lager beer is proudly sold. Featuring our award winning lager beer and only in 18 packs of 12oz cans, ask for these today at your local retailer. These are only available for a limited time and just like summer they’ll be gone before you know it. This is the same design the brewery used for their labels throughout the 1970′s. Yes, it is the same can that Quint crushes in JAWS. To celebrate, we are running a “Crush It Like Quint” contest. Recreate this memorable scene to the best of your ability with this can. Snap a photo and send it to us. The best and most creative “Crush It Like Quint” entry will win a Gansett prize pack including a BluRay copy of JAWS. We’ll pick the winner on August 31st. Make sure you use the hashtag #CrushItLikeQuint when posting to Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr so we can find it. You can even post it on our Facebook wall or email us at

Crush it like QUINT!

JAWS arrives on Blu-ray for the first time on August 14, 2012. CLICK HERE to pre-order with 10 bucks off!

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