Monday, August 13, 2012

Adventure Time Candy Zombies Attack

With the cartoon series Adventure Time reaching new heights of popularity, kids of all sizes are looking for more toys and merch from their favorite show...and are still coming up short. While Jazwares promises new toys are on the way and several t shirt manufacturers are conjuring AT goods as we speak, one crew has combined our love of this quirky cartoon and the bitey undead to create a memento allowing one to relive the moments when the Land of Ooo was almost engulfed in a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! Sure..the danger was coming from adorable undead candy people..but they were starting to munch on fleshies and that would have quickly transformed the nearly squeaky clean cartoon into a gory horror fest. I dream of what could have been. At any rate, dig Changes new Adventure Time zombie group shot T shirt, available for pre-order NOW at Entertainment Earth.

And CLICK HERE to check out the Adventure Time Undead People 4 figure pack!

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