Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Matt & Seth's Secret Star Wars Animated Project Surfaces

Jedinews caught a bit of a scoop while exploring any hall open to them before the actual start of Celebration VI! Matt Senreich and Seth Green have been hard at work on the oft whispered about Star Wars "comedy" and to date, only the name "Detours" as a rumored title has slipped out. Now an invite for a Super Secret Panel graces the pages of the Celebration VI show guide promising to give up the goods this Friday AND Saturday. Matt, Seth and Todd Grimes (of Back at the Barnyard and Planet Sheen) will spill their guts for two days at noon on the Celebration Stage, Chapin Theater, so we'll be sure to follow up when the news drops.

Those not familiar with the animation style of Planet Sheen and Back at the Barnyard animated TV shows might want to take a look as they MAY offer a glimpse at the style of this new Star Wars Project. Here are some visuals...

So what I propose is, if the animation for "Detours" is anything like the above visuals with lush colors, excellent depth and dramatic shadows when applicable, fans should be very happy! Keep watching JediNews for up to the minute Celebration VI coverage all weekend!

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