Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Adventure Time Figures On the Way

It is a compulsion. Whenever I am near a Toys R US, I have to go in, even if I don't need anything. If I don't, I regret it the whole rest of the day. I usually make a B line for the action figure isles, but while I start at the bottom and just work isle by isle, Eileen flies in and heads right for the Adventure Time toys. For some time now, she's been looking over the same toys waiting for a sign that new sets are dropping. THAT SIGN HAS COME!!

New pre-orders are popping up around the interwebs showing sets we had only known by name. Sets include...

Party Pack
with Party Jake and the Party God
Food Pack with Sandwich Jake and Finn
Pixel Pack with digitized versions of Finn and Jake

All are set to arrive this September. We've also got the heads up to start checking your local Toys R Us immediately for the Candy People 4 pack with Peppermint Butler, Cinnamon Bun, Finn and Princess Bubblegum and the Fiona and Cake 4 pack with Fiona, Cake, Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee.


  1. I love Adventure Time Paul. These are cool

    1. Me too! Love the show and I hope Jazwares will make some more detailed toys in the near future.