Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Funko's Adorable Game of Thrones

You knew it was coming. Funko have become masters of taking the most popular pop culture licenses and transforming them into adorable, cartoony doppelgangers for their POP! Vinyl figure line. No matter how creepy, cooky, mysterious or spooky the subject...they all become irresistible snugly muggums. Now the medieval folks of HBO's Game of Thrones have undergone the sweetening and come out so cute, you'll just want to turn over your kingdom to them.

From Funko: Game of Thrones (or as I sometimes call it, Wine/Women/War) is one of the hottest shows on HBO!

They recently received 11 Primetime Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series.
If you are not watching this show, and also you are an adult, YOU SHOULD PROBABLY START NOW! With the 3rd season premiering March 31, 2013...we figure it's the perfect time for Pop!'s!

Look for the whole series November 1st.


  1. Ugh...I want actual ACTION FIGURES, damn it!

    1. Last time I talked to Dark Horse they were still on the table as a possibility. I'll check in with them on it.