Saturday, September 22, 2012

He-Man Gets a Castle in 2013...Maybe...

ActionFigureInsider is soaking up the Masters of the Universe fandom at PowerCon this weekend and have just unleashed all the info from the Mattel panel. No doubt, the most exciting tidbit for casual and die hard fans alike is the possibility of a Castle Grayskull specifically for the Masters of the Universe Classics Action Figure line in 2013! AFInsider says the project will be a metered pre-sale, which means that after a picture is shown at New York Comic Con this October, you'll be able to earmark the ultimate in Eternian real estate for a mere $200...IF the meter on the pre-order hits the number needed for production. Only then will the piece be sculpted (from the original Mark Taylor design...though we doubt it will look exactly like his concept sketch to the left, as it would alienate fans of the cartoon and more modern designs) and on the fast track for a Fall 2013 release. It is obvious Mattel is taking no chances.

Mattel also released a sneak preview of some upcoming figures. Dig the image to the right which shows off Masters of the Universe Classics Snake Face, Karatti, and Octavia! Thanks to for the tip!

In other Masters news, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles (those fine folks who brought you the giant sized Lion-O and Mumm-Ra statues via Sideshow) took a very informal poll not too long ago to see what style He-Fans would want in a Masters statue line. There's an extremely strong possibility we'll be hearing about 18 inch, mixed media statues (with cloth outfits) from Pop Culture very soon!

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