Saturday, September 1, 2012

Call Me Geeky

Eeeeeeverybody is jumping on this train! I suppose it has been a while since a pop song was so catchy, cute AND not annoying, so we give the devil his due. I do long for the days when Sloppy Seconds would do a blazing, heart felt punk cover though. Instead, we have all manor of folks making their own videos for the musically addictive "Call Me Maybe", including the Wizard World Crew! High points include a batch of Batman Villains dancing over Robin's body and Shane from Walking Dead getting in on the chorus...which, if you watch the show, makes it all the more funny. Here's Wizard's addition to the dog pile...

And just to round things out, here's my favorite video of the week, from which you will NOT BE ABLE TO LOOK AWAY!!!

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