Wednesday, September 19, 2012

He-Man Wobbles & Power Rangers Go POP!

Funko are at it again. We're just going to start calling them the Vinyl Borg, because they assimilate all your pop culture loves. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!! Alf..we are looking at you. Today, Funko drops us a line that they are ready to reveal the first of their long awaited Masters of the Universe pieces and surprised us with some killer Power Rangers POP! Vinyl to boot!

First up, we have the Masters of the Universe. He-man and his medieval and yet often high tech defenders of Eternia square off against the forces of Skeletor and his monstrous army of thugs. For years we've gotten a giant helping of action figures, vehicles and cartoons to further the mythos, so it seemed a no-brainer to immortalize the characters further in little plastic statues with bobbley heads. In past months, we were given teases that the Masters would join the ranks of the POP! Vinyl universe as well, and this still seems like a sure thing. There are a lot of licenses that get treatment in both lines, so hang tight for that announcement! For now, take a look at the Wacky Wobblers with He-Man, Orko, Skeletor and Beast Man, all available December 20th.

Next up...Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!! Whenever I do a story on these guys, someone in the "normal" world goes "Holy Crap! Is that show still around?!" Not only is the show still going strong, but the toy line enjoyed many years as the #1 brand for boys, and with fans of all ages across the planet, it shows no signs of stopping. your only question is why didn't Funko jump on this license sooner??!! Check out the first of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers POP! Vinyl figures with the Red Ranger, White Ranger and Pink Ranger, all available November 29th!

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