Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Whip It Like Indy

I'm sure there have been whip apps before...and I swear they used one on Big Bang Theory one night, but had as soon as Sheldon hears there is an official Indiana Jones Whip App, I'm positive he'll throw his old one away like a 1960's theory on Cold Fusion. Actually, as I read further, "Pocket Whip" IS the app used on the once again, Sheldon proves he is smart AND trendy. Well Played.

What's NEW is that you can now harness the raw, digital power of Indie's whip within the Pocket Whip App, for a limited time. Surely die-hards could point out the signature crack among the pretenders, so this addition is pure gold. Grab the Pocket Whip app on iTunes and whenever a problem comes'll be ready!

The Indie Whip addition celebrates the coming of Indiana Jones, The Complete Adventures on Blu-ray....coming soooooon. Pre-Order at 31% off HERE!

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