Friday, September 7, 2012

My Ewok Horde Grows

I...have a problem.

I am a recovering army builder. I used to buy multiples of any nondescript army character so that someone like Red Skull would have the might of Hydra behind him and Yoda could be flanked by Clones in a skittles array of color highlights. There's Stormtroopers, Snowtroopers, Sandtroopers, Scout Troopers, Battle Droids, Gungan Warriors, Endor Rebels, Hoth Rebels, Gondorian Swordsmen, Easterlings, Uruk-Hai, Battle Trolls, Minotaurs, Dragons, Shield Agents and on and on into plastic infinity. The folks on Collection Intervention ain't got nuthin' on a dedicated army builder!

To put the kebosh on my obsessive army building, I had to think realistically about my collection. Sure, 20 soldiers looks killer, but do I have room for them when they are 6 inches tall? 7 inches? Am I ever going to set up the epic battle scene now possible with all these damned action figures? The real question is WHERE will this amazing display area come from? With that thought in mind, I began putting a cap on the number of soldiers I needed, thus ending the massive scene building for the only line ALWAYS presenting new figures for obsessives like me...HASBRO STAR WARS. I've got plenty of Snowtroopers and Hoth Rebels for a fairly epic Hoth battle (which you can see here). While I feel I could still buy 3 or 4 more Battle Droid lots to convey my Gungan Warriors are crazy outnumbered, I've got enough of both for a full diner table. Finally, I've got enough Stormtroopers, Endor Rebels, Scout Troopers and officers to fill an imaginary forest moon. Still on the hunt for the elusive Death Star Troopers but beyond that, there is one army I foresee building into my twilight years.....EWOKS!!!

Yes, Ewoks..the only army of action figures ever created where there are plenty of individuals with distinctive looks and body types, bonus head gear to allow for buying multiples and work each release to their fullest potential...and more troops coming every year. The trick is usually finding the little suckers. Why is it the most reviled armies in the Star Wars universe (namely the Gungans and Woks) are the hardest to assemble?! Madness.

Today, I got an early birthday present in the new Toys R Us exclusive Ewoks 5 pack and tradition dictates when I get 4 or more distinctive additions to an army, I must take a new group shot. That and Eileen demanded it. She's pushy for a skinny white girl. ...AND SO, without further explanation, I present my Ewok Horde.

To sum up...I have a problem...but it's a fun, non-soul crushing problem to have. If the lady from Collection Intervention comes knocking to try and push you to sell off your collection, lock the door and get the hose.

Additional Note: It would take me far too long to go through this shot and name every ewok, especially since quite a few have swapped head dresses for diversity and sometimes just to make the little buggers look better. Orange fur with a purple hat? Yeesh. Pimpwok, indeed. Instead, I've compiled a collection of pics of the figures in their packaging so you can make your shopping list! Keep in mind the Vintage KMart Ewok Scouts are just hitting now and Lumat isn't due out til November, but we figured we'd add it now. The Toys R Us 5 pack is also hitting now and if you hunt a bit, you can score Vintage Packaging Logray and Wicket in stores now.

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