Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer Gives Best Look at Shredder & Splinter Yet

Let's talk about this on-again-off-again love affair we are having with the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. We heard they were making one with fully CGI Turtles. Love. We heard Bay was involved and he wanted to make them aliens. Off. We heard Megan Fox was going to be April. Off off. We heard they ditched the alien thing. 20% Love. We saw turtle pants, turtle tech, an oddball gladiator loin cloth and the million knives of Shredder. This one split the planet right down the middle. Now...three trailers later, I'm learning to ignore the little things and embrace the full-on comic book nature of this film, much like I did The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Let's start by watching the new trailer...and then we'll tear it apart...

Things that will probably irk you:
     - The now TWO million knives of robo-shredder
     - Michelangelo's turbo powered skateboard
     - Sunglasses that probably shouldn't fit giant, mutated turtle heads

Things that are probably growing on you:
     - Donatello's nerd glasses
     - The crazt physique of Raphael
     - Turtle lips (which have either been toned down or are just more visible now and revealed to be not so prominent)
     - The THREE million knives of robo-shredder

I'll also point out that our first real look at Splinter...

ain't so bad! He definitely doesn't look as odd as the Playmates action figure shows. Final thought: It's growing on me! I was going to see this movie either way, but my anticipation is rising a bit after viewing this new trailer. Now let's hope the studio doesn't panic and reveal the whole damn movie before it hits theaters.


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