Monday, June 23, 2014

William Shatner Brown Bagging It

Would I watch William Shatner get drunk and ask potentially hysterical questions? Yes. Yes I would. How soon til we have our ShatTV??!!

William Shatner’s web series, “Brown Bag Wine Tasting,” will premiere on Ora.TV Monday, June 23rd with Food Network chef and cookbook author Alton Brown as his guest. In this first episode, Brown talks about his greatest influences while cooking for Shatner and doing a blind wine tasting – describing the flavors using only cooking terms. 

“Brown Bag Wine Tasting” follows Shatner as he sits down with participants who are asked to blindly taste wine and describe it in terms of their occupation, with the goal of making the show a fun, interactive and social experience. The series was created out of Shatner’s love of wine and conversation, as well as wanting to have a fun wine tasting experience in an entertaining format.

The show will begin to air exclusively on Ora.TV as part of a development deal between the legendary actor and the TV network and production studio. Shatner and Ora.TV will continue to develop and produce new original content based on the actor’s diverse interests, creating a platform for his large and devoted supporters to see new programming from the star. Shatner joins other influential personalities on Ora.TV including Larry King, Gov. Jesse Ventura, Haylie Duff and more.

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