Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More Pictures From Star Wars Episode 7 Set! Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Fighters Spotted

Following up yesterday morning's story where TMZ nabbed the first un-official set pictures of a desert landscape, the robed peoples who dwell there and a giant, content looking pig monster, we bring you MYSTERIOUS CONSTRUCTION!!! Also from TMZ (click for more!)...Which was not so mysterious considering any 6 year old already hooked on Star Wars could make out the unmistakable frame of Han Solo's Millennium Falcon and the sleek lines of an X-Wing Fighter! This brings further proof of my previous assertion that these photos are leaked accidentally on purpose, if you get my meaning.

The studio knows you want to look inside. The studio isn't going to let you look inside!!  Am I exaggerating when I say this is the most talked about, biggest movie set in the last few years..and with Disney's money...THEY can't keep it locked down? The notion is preposterous. What they've shown you so far is basically eye candy the equivalent of a fresh, crisp head of lettuce. It's meant to fill you up and nothing more. That's not to say it's not all great fun, but all this leaky-mystery-ninja picture nonsense is just silly. We are going to see what they want us to see...and I'll eat up every bit.

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