Thursday, July 31, 2014

SDCC 2014: Day 2 Cosplay with Martians, World Eaters, Deadpools & Frozen People

The San Diego Comic-Con coverage rages on as we take a look at the awesome cosplayers in their awesome costumes on 2 of the massive convention. As I slide through our photographer's images, it's like a game of bingo as I spot my favorite people OOO There's ABEY DARKSTAR!! One chip for me. I swear next year we are all playing cosplayer scavenger hunt for prizes if it kills me. We had the idea this year but hell, I couldn't even find the extra energy to crank out a decent SDCC Exclusives list! How was I going to run a full blown contest? It would go something like this...person in underoos/super hero underpants - 10 points...20 harley quins - 50 points...Doctor Horrible - 15 points...and so on. We'll do this one day. For now, let's check out the coolest costumes from Day 2...







Photography by Nicole Marrokal - // Hailey Mordah // Matthew Giezentaner // Emilie Noetzel -

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