Thursday, July 24, 2014

SDCC 2014: Preview Night Cosplay

In years past, preview night at San Diego Comic-Con was a race among the press to get as many things shot as possible on a virtually empty show floor while the industry folks and professionals around us laughed and pointed...and were able to hold actual conversations. You could hop in line and buy toys..shoot every damn Marvel figure, front and back, unmolested...and there was plenty of room for all. These is WAR. I tip my hat to the brave ladies covering the con for Idle Hands this year (an all female team!) and give a slight bow to the few but bold cosplayers who were on the floor to fight the good fight. Here's the first round of what should be some epic cosplay galleries!

Click HERE for the rest of the Preview Night Cosplay gallery! Photography by Nicole Marrokal -

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