Thursday, July 31, 2014

SDCC 2014: My Little Pony Going Strong

It's another year of San Diego Comic-Con under our belts, but we've still got TONS to show you. We're just going to go straight down the line so we don't miss a thing, so keep watching. Today, we visit with our uber pastel buddies from My Little Ponies and note that the amount of merchandise shown at the largest geekfest on the planet is growing EVERY YEAR! This year's lineup puts the cartoon sensations alongside their Equestria Girls counterparts in themes like "Rainbow Power" and "Rainbow Rocks", adding more characters and accessories. The snap-kit-esque Pop line had an amazing showing with tons of figures and playsets to collect. There were more plush dolls, more vinyl figures, more large figures with action features, more accessories for you to ponify any outfit and PONYMANIA evident on new pieces collectors will die for. There was also a massive display of 3D Printed figures that looked like they jumped right from the TV show, so expect fans to be screaming for releases like this until Hasbro gives in! Let's check out a sampling of the displays...


Click HERE for the full Hasbro My Little Pony gallery! Photography by Hailey Mordah

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