Monday, July 28, 2014

SDCC 2014: Hasbro's Marvel Comics Legends, 3.75 inch & Mashers Action Figures

Our San Diego Comic-Con 2014 coverage marches on with a run down of one of my favorite topics..MARVEL COMICS! Hasbro continues to be the uber licensor for Marvel super posable action figures in a 6 and 3.75 inch scale, with Marvel Universe morphing into Marvel Infinite Series figures and Legends returning in a big way, rebranded as Marvel Legends Infinite Series.'s a little confusing when you go to talk to someone not so experienced with the line, so collectors are still just calling them Legends and Universe. Ah...for a simpler time. Also added this past year was a wildly popular line called Mashers which ignite the creative instincts of children as they build their favorite heroes and villains and are able to mix and match parts...and delight hardcore collectors as they put Tony Stark's snarky head on The Hulk's body. We are easily amused. Let's check out what was announced at SDCC 2014...

New Additions to the Marvel Infinite 3.75 inch Action Figure Series include:

Armoured Daredevil
Astonishing X-Men Cyclops
Captain Marvel
Classic Beast (in blue and original transformation grey)
Doc Ock
Big Time Spider-Man
Black Cat
Gamors (modern)
Red She-Hulk
Sandman (with a sandy colored variant)
Thor (bearded Thunderstrike)
Wonder Man

And re-releases (no idea if anything is new on these, but probably not) of:
Beta Ray Bill
Omega Red
Steve Rogers

Bringing up the rear are the long awaited release of Northstar and the hysterically named Jugolossus. Do you think Jugolossus asks Magneto I'm sure someone has made that joke already. I also think Red She-Hulk is the worst name since any sequel titled "2".

Moving onto Legends we've got:

Captain Marvel (female modern)
Hawkeye (classic outfit)
Iron Fist (white outfit)
Machine Man
Scarlet Witch
Odin Build-A Figure (which can be swapped into King Thor with extra parts)

Captain America, Radioactive Man and Ms Marvel in a 3 pack
Agent Venomis currently a Walgreens Exclusive. Yup...Walgreens. Your spot for toys!

Nick Fury
S.H.I.E.L.D. AGENT Maria Hill
Thanos Build-A-Figure

and Spider-Man Legends:

Spider-Man 2099
Build-A-Figure Hobgoblin

There will be a Guardians of the Galaxy multi pack with the whole team..for those who don't like to hunt and build! The crew are currently discussing a second wave of Guardians of the Galaxy Legends figures. Stay tuned! Hasbro also teased Magik and Dormammu..which would pretty much make my head explode.







In the cartoony world of Marvel Super Hero Mashers we've got:

Ice Man
Iron Fist (white outfit) - Green Lantern fans take note of the accessories in this one.
Iron Monger
Red Hulk
Skaar (Hulk's son)
War Machine
Wolverine in street clothes
and a Hulk vs Loki 2 pack

and the inevitable Vehicles:
Spider-Man's Skycrawler
The Cap Cycle

Photography by Emilie Noetzel - Http://

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