Saturday, July 26, 2014

SDCC 2014: Go Go Power Rangers!

As we run the floor of San Diego Comic-Con looking for the most awesome toys, companies and people to show you, we often come across the same two entirely different places. This happened yesterday. On one end of the convention hall, photographer Hailey Mordah was drinking in her childhood at the Bandi displays where many a Power Ranger toy was there to tempt and delight. Outside of the convention in one of the areas reserved for interviews for TV and film, Sabina-Lissette Ibarra was looking for a place to sit, recharge and re-hydrate and found refuge among POWER RANGERS!! I guess if you can time travel, rocket through space and beat down giant monsters, having dual locations to show off your action figures is cake. WE WERE IMPRESSED ANYWAY!!

Here are some of the goods from the show floor...

and some more from that swank little lounge...

Click HERE for the whole Bandai Power Rangers Gallery!
More to come!! Photography by Photos by Hailey Mordah & Sabina-Lissette Ibarra

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