Thursday, July 23, 2015

Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fall Toy Lineup PART 2!

As a follow up to the epic Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fall Toy Lineup article we posted mere days ago from info and images gathered at Sweet Suite 2015, we've got way better official pics to back it all up! We'll note that all this dinosaur business in the Half Shell Heroes collection mirror a TMNT special airing on TV late November, early December, in the current cartoon style (so, as yet, no plans for Half Shell Heroes cartoons for the wee ones). We've got basic action figures, Battle Shell figures, Dimension X role play gear, Turtle to Weapon transforming figures, more Half Shell Heroes, T Machines and more! Let's get to it...

We'll recap the line titles to go with the pics so you aren't lost. For more info on the lines, hit the link up top and get all the info.

Basic Action Figures: $8.99
Monkey Brains, Mondo Gecko, Atilla the Frog, Savage Mikey, Napoleon Bonafrog, Dark Beaver, Dire Beaver and Fugitoid

Mutations: Battle Shell Figures: $12.99
Leonardo with Aerial Attack Battle Shell, Donatello with Recon Battle Shell, Michelangelo with Stealth Battle Shell, and Raphael with Ground Pounder Battle Shell

Ninja Turtle to Weapon Figures: $14.99
Collection includes: Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael


11" Dimension X Turtles: $19.99
Collection includes: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael

11" Power Coil Turtles: $19.99
Collection includes: Leonardo and Michelangelo

Ninja Control Leonardo: $59.99

Mutations: Turtle Turbo Charger: $19.99

Pizza Thrower Vehicle: $29.99

Dimension X Combat Gear: $12.99

Leonardo's Ninja Strike Sword: $19.99

Half Shell Heroes Figures: $6.99
Dino Leo with Triceratops, Dino Raph with Pterandon, Dino Mikey with Brachiosaurus and Dino Don with T-Rex

HSH Basic Vehicles with Figures: $12.99
Dune Duster with Mikey

HSH Mutation Vehicles with Figures: $17.99
Collection includes: Shellraiser to Recycling Truck with Donnie, Fire Truck to Tank with Raph

HSH Bath Tub Vehicles: $17.99
Dive Boat with Diver Donnie, Fire Boat with Captain Raph

T-Machines Single Packs: $3.99
Michelangelo in Patrol Buggy, Casey in Ice Machine, Raphael in Armored Truck, Rat King in Hearse, Turflytle in Buggy, Donnie in Speed Demon

T-Machines 2-Packs: $7.99
Raphael in Monster Truck and Tiger Claw in Safari Truck, Casey in Ice Machines and Donatello in Patrol Buggy

T-Machines 4 Packs: $15.99
The Night Ninja collection includes: Raph in Midnight Monster Truck, Tiger Claw in Night Hunt Safari Truck, Donnie in Stealth-Tech Patrol Buggy, and Mikey in Moon Chaser Hot Rod

T-Machines Vehicles with Sound: $7.99
Collection includes: Extreme Speed Demon with Talking Raphael, Extreme Party Wagon with Talking Leonardo, Extreme Monster Truck with Talking Michelangelo and Extreme Service Truck with Talking Donnie

Leo's Audio Tuner Party Van: $19.99

Race to the Sewer Playset: $34.99

Note to websites looking for news: Please credit us. If you are grabbing pictures, please only grab half at the most of what we are showing and link back for the rest. We appreciate your interest and thank you for your cooperation!

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