Monday, July 20, 2015

Sweet Suite 2015: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fall Lineup

At Toy Fair 2015, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy fans saw more than a couple of brand new action figures listed as "coming sooooon". Further teasing has come via new packaging art showing the likes of Napoleon Bonafrog, the Dream Beavers and more among the legions of characters featured on the back. Now Sweet Suite 2015 gives us a first hand look at some new products due out this Fall from Playmates Toys! This is going to be like Toy Fair part brace yourselves...



Basic Action Figures: $8.99
Monkey Brains, Mondo Gecko, Atilla, Savage Mikey, Napoleon Bonafrog, Dark Beaver, Dire Beaver, Dimension X Turtles, Mozar the Triceraton, Mutant Shredders and Fugitoid

Mix and Match Figures: $8.99
Bebop, Rocksteady, Casey Jones, Dog Pound Razhar, and Robotic Foot Soldier

Mutations: Battle Shell Figures: $12.99
• All Battle Shell Mix-and-Match Shells fit on any Battle Shell Turtle figure.                                                   • Each features a Mix-and-Match Mecha Shell – engage flight mode, deploy mecha weapons and fire projectiles!                                      
• Collection includes: Leonardo with Aerial Attack Battle Shell, Donatello with Recon Battle Shell, Michelangelo with Stealth Battle Shell, and Raphael with Ground Pounder Battle Shell    
• All Battle Shell Mix-and-Match Shells fit on any Battle Shell Turtle figure.        
• Each features a Mix-and-Match Mecha Shell – engage flight mode, deploy mecha weapons and fire projectiles!  

Ninja Turtle to Weapon Figures: $14.99
• Now the Ninja Turtles can mutate from action figures into their signature weapons that we see them battle with everyday in Nickelodeon's hit TV show.                                                            
• In just a few transformation steps, kids can go from playing with their favorite 6", fully articulated Ninja Turtle action figures to playing with the Turtles' signature weapons!                                    
• Collection includes: Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael

11" Dimension X Turtles: $19.99
• With the new oversized 11" Dimension X figures, kids' favorite Turtles show their fast ninja moves.             • These Turtles are designed for the great adventures that the Ninja Turtles have in Dimension X and include removable space helmets, body armor and their signature weapons as seen in the TV show!                
• Collection includes: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael

11" Power Coil Turtles: $19.99
• The oversized 11" Power Coil Turtles pack quite a punch!                
• Kids can pull back on the Turtles arms and release to watch their weapons spring forward and take down their opponents.                    
• Collection includes: Leonardo and Michelangelo

Ninja Control Leonardo: $59.99
• Leonardo is on the move! With an easy to use, multi-directional remote control, kids can control Leo’s Ninja moves.                  
• With infinite spinning and slicing combinations, the 13-inch Leo figure will slash his katana as he moves around in every direction, all while shouting out his signature phrases.                                      
• In addition to full 360 degree control, kids can also send Leo into one of three pre-programmed ninja combat routines.

Giant Leonardo Playset: $99.99
• A giant 24" articulated Leonardo Ninja Turtle action figure transforms into a complete Sewer Lair Playset.   • With over 30 features including spring activated surprises, false floors, a skate park and so much more, this set provides hours of Ninja fun!                                                                    
• Playset features 9 different rooms for endless Turtle action play, including Turtles' Living Room, Splinter's Meditation Room, Skate Park Half-Pipe, Mikey's Pad, Turtles' Dojo, Street Level Lookout Tower, Donnie's Workshop, Computer Lab and Turtles' Jail.                
• Giant Leonardo includes 18" signature Katana sword.                    
• Compatible with most Turtles basic action figures (sold separately)


Mutations: Turtle Turbo Charger: $19.99
• The Turtles can transform from speed mode to battle mode!  
• Vehicle features spring-fired mutant missiles and the hood can be lifted for battle mode.                               • Compatible with most Turtles basic action figures (sold separately)

Pizza Thrower Vehicle: $29.99
• All the Turtles can take a ride on this punishing pizza pummeler.      
• To keep the streets safe, the vehicle rolls into action with a motorized perpetual pizza flinger, flinging pizzas at anyone that gets in its way.  
• Includes 10 pizza discs                                                
• Compatible with most Turtles basic action figures (sold separately)


Dimension X Combat Gear: $12.99
• There's now all new role play gear to reflect what the Turtles use in their journey into Dimension X!             • Each set includes the Turtles' signature weapon, colored bandana and throwing stars, allowing kids to transform into their favorite Turtle.    
• Collection includes: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael

Leonardo's Ninja Strike Sword: $19.99
• Kids can find out if they have what it takes to battle against and defeat Shredder with Leonardo's Ninja Strike Sword.                      
• Leo's sword measures how fast kids swing. They will defeat Shredder if they can swing fast enough, but look out because Shredder will defeat them if they can't.                                  
• Over 40 Leo and Shredder phrases, lights and sounds effects measure kids' performance, but they decide who ultimately wins!


Half Shell Heroes Figures: $6.99
Rahzar and Cockroach, Kirby Bat and Mutagen Man, Dino Leo with Triceratops, Dino Don with T-Rex, Dino Mikey with Brachiosaurus, Dino Raph with Pterandon, Dino Splinter and Dino Shredder, Dino Rocksteady with Spinosaurus, and Dino Bebop with Raptor.

HSH Basic Vehicles with Figures: $12.99
Dune Duster with Mikey, Stunt Plane with Mikey, Stegosaurus with Mikey, Robot Raptor with Triceraton and Pteradxtyl with Raph

HSH Deluxe Vehicles with Figures: $19.99
T-Rex with Donnie

HSH Mutation Vehicles with Figures: $17.99
• Now kids can enjoy two vehicles in one! With an easy flip transformation, young Turtle fans can change the vehicle their Turtle is driving into an all new vehicle to sneak up on the Shredder!              
• Each vehicle includes a 2.5-inch action figure                          
• Collection includes: Shellraiser to Recycling Truck with Donnie, Fire Truck to Tank with Raph

HSH Bath Tub Vehicles: $17.99
• Now young Turtle fans can bring the fun to the tub with the all new Half Shell Heroes Bath Tub Vehicles.   • These vehicles float in the tub and include different water features. The Dive Boat features a mechanical claw and diving line, while the Fire Boat features a squirting fire cannon.                                    
• Each vehicle comes with an exclusive figure and also works with all Half Shell Heroes Figures.                   • Collection includes: Dive Boat with Diver Donnie, Fire Boat with Captain Raph

20" Ultimate Hero Leonardo (Walmart Exclusive for 2015): $29.99
• The Ultimate Hero Leo figure is a 20” tall Leo figure that stores and displays kids' favorite Half Shell Hero 2-pack figures inside!
• Back shell opens to store even more figures inside!


T-Machines Single Packs: $3.99
Michelangelo in Patrol Buggy, Casey in Ice Machine, Raphael in Armored Truck, Rat King in Hearse, Turflytle in Buggy, Donnie in Speed Demon, Karai Snake in Sports Car, Raph in Military Truck, Leo in Sports Car, Mikey in Party Wagon and Slash in Demolition Car

T-Machines 2-Packs: $7.99
Raphael in Monster Truck and Tiger Claw in Safari Truck, Rat King in Hearse and Michelangelo in Patrol Buggy, Casey in Ice Machines and Donatello in Patrol Buggy and Donatello in Speed Demon and Turflytle in Buggy

T-Machines 4 Packs: $15.99
The Night Ninja collection includes: Raph in Midnight Monster Truck, Tiger Claw in Night Hunt Safari Truck, Donnie in Stealth-Tech Patrol Buggy, and Mikey in Moon Chaser Hot Rod

T-Machines Vehicles with Sound: $7.99
• With the T-Machines sound vehicles, kids can hear the engines roar, tires squeal and their favorite Ninja Turtles scream out battle cries.
• Just press the button on the engine block and the vehicles come to life, playing 10-15 different Turtles phrases and vehicle sound effects!
• Each 1/50 scale vehicle comes with a non-removable Ninja Turtle driving the vehicle.  
• Collection includes: Extreme Speed Demon with Talking Raphael, Extreme Party Wagon with Talking Leonardo, Extreme Monster Truck with Talking Michelangelo and Extreme Service Truck with Talking Donnie

Leo's Audio Tuner Party Van: $19.99
• Let the party begin - Leo’s Party Van is ready to roar with over 30 phrases and sound effects.
• Kids can push the party van to hear Leo speak at different speeds and volumes.  The faster the van is pushed, the faster and higher Leo’s voice gets. Slow down the van and Leo’s voice will get lower and slower.  Kids can even push Leo in reverse to hear him speak backwards, matching the speed of the vehicle.
• For even more fun, kids can continually push Leo back and forth to listen as he audio tunes his words!
•  The 1/24 scale Party Van comes with a non-removable, action posed Leonardo figure driving the van. Batteries required (included).

Race to the Sewer Playset: $34.99
• Standing over 24” tall, kids can battle and race their T-Machines vehicles on 3 levels of play - rooftop, street and sewer levels.
• As kids race to the Sewer Lair, they will need to watch out for the evil Kraang brain rolling down the track looking to knock them out! Kids can activate the billboard sign lever and change lanes to drive their opponent off course to get to the bottom first.
• Compatible with all T-Machines vehicles and comes with an exclusive Mikey in Party Van vehicle.             • It also connects to the Turtles' Revenge Track Set, creating an even larger play environment.

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  1. I really loved the tmnt weapons in fast forward especially Leo's swords.i love the design and how he can throw it and it comes back. I also love raph's new sais and donnie's new Bo staff and Mikey's new nunchucks. I wish they would have kept their weapons when they went home but future stuff is future stuff.

  2. This iteration of pop culture's most idiotic quartet has the IQ of a cheese pizza but it's not a total cowabungle.

    1. To what are you referring, the toys, the TV show on NickToons, or the movie?
      Cuz the movie was awful, the toys are pretty decent, and the TV show actually ain't half bad. In fact, I'd even venture to say it's the best incarnation of the series to date.
      Iteration is a crap word btw.