Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rick and Morty ...100 Times Rick and Morty Season 2

This Sunday, our newest favorite alcoholic returns to TV as SEASON 2 OF RICK AND MORTY BEGINS!!! This show is quickly gaining a legion of fans as the already addicted insist people they meet watch a short clip everywhere I go, leading to further addiction. This is Cartoon Meth, my friends, so be warned. WARNING: I'm about to recap the season 1 finale, so stop reading if you don't want it semi-spoiled.

When we last visited the tranquil suburban home of Jerry and Beth, the couple was off for a weekend of pretending they are in the movie Titanic, on a boat that doesn't really go anywhere, but is promised to sink. Jerry is super psyched and dresses the part. Beth is...not so enthused..and brings a nice heavy book. As they leave for their mini-vacation, they lay down firm ground rules; NOTHING is to be out of place when they return, and if there is anything askew, no more adventures for Rick and Morty. Of course, the minute the driveway is cold, space eels burn through the garage door, prompting the planning of dual parties by Summer and Rick..since the house is already on its way to being toast. Summer uses the party to try and get in good with the cool kids, Rick invites all his alien buddies and gets wrecked and Morty spazzes most of the time as it all goes to hell faster than you can say "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!"

To make a long story short, Jerry almost gets raped (that's 2 almost rapes for season 1 if I'm remembering correctly), Beth uses the book on someone's cranium, Summer is kind of a dick, Rick is ABSOLUTELY a dick (but a fun long as you're not the one he's being a dick to) and Morty kicks everyone out as what's left of the house breathes a sigh of relief. Still, it's trashed, and the parents are coming up the drive. IS THIS THE END OF ROCK AND MORTY??!! Nope. With the click of a button, everything freezes and the trio have all the time in the world to fix the house and bond. Awww. It would be a Hallmark ending, if it wasn't Rick and Morty. Season one ends with some ass shaking and a big ole' FUCK YOUUU to the universe from your pal Rick.

SEASON 2 kicks off...right were Season 1 ended! Well..within 6 months of that ending, since we don't know exactly how long the crew were frikken about before the ending. The house is fixed, time is unfrozen and no one was harmed in the process....cept for that guy across the street. .....We don't need to talk about him. All seems back to business as usual until an argument between Morty and Summer causes time to fracture, creating my now most favorite of all time, time paradox!! ...Which runs concurrently beside the regular time line with tiny changes. Honest to God, this is pretty damn genius and I hope the creators of this show patted themselves on the backs til it was considered masochistic. Now the trio must repair time before they destroy was a little unclear but I'm assuming they'd blink out of existence with a crap load of theoretical cats. This episode is AMAZING and hysterical and wrong in all the most perfect of ways. You are going to want to watch it at least 3 times, so set those DVR's for tonight!

Now here are some images from other Rick and Morty Season 2 episodes...

We've also got the opportunity to explore the Rickiverse! Check this out...

Leading into the season two premiere of Adult Swim’s hit animated series Rick and Morty this Sunday, July 26th at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT, the network launched today a new, first-of-its-kind game on Instagram to take fans even deeper into the show’s ever expanding universe. To start exploring fans can visit the RickandMortyRickstaverse within Instagram.

Adult Swim partnered with Carrot Creative to use Instagram’s photo tagging feature to create a fully connected universe, letting fans explore their favorite planets, dimensions, and landmarks from the series. The Rick and Morty Rickstaverse features 25 different levels to explore, stuffed full of fan-favorite characters, Easter eggs, mini-comics, interactive collectibles, and exclusive content from season two.
By tapping once on individual photos, fans can discover tags, which act as portals to different worlds and collectibles. The experience takes advantage of Instagram’s new HD upload standard, with every level, image and video in beautiful 1080p HD quality.
•       Experience spans over 80 different Instagram accounts
•       11 planets to explore (eight at launch, three to be revealed during season two)
•       1000+ high resolution images
•       Eight mini-comics
•       Interactive collectibles with 18 different video outcomes

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