Saturday, July 11, 2015

SDCC 2015: The Full Batman V Superman Trailer Goes LIVE

You've all been on the fence about this movie. Well...maybe that's generous. A lot of you resoundingly shouted "IT SUCKS!" and have continued to shout it every day since the teaser trailer was "leaked" to the internets. I've been keeping my expectations low. Very low. I even waited in line for 2 hours to watch the same teaser you all viewed from the comfort of your own homes, on the offchance Zack Snyder was going to show us ...just a little more. Indeed..there was a tiny bit more, but two guys in super hero costumes charging each other didn't go a long way to ease my mind. This latest's working on me!

From the show floor of San Diego Comic-Con 2015, here's a new full length trailer that's probably going to have a lot of you anticipating the coming of Batman V Superman: Damn of Justice!

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