Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Funko's Netflix GLOW Action Figures

Funko Netflix GLOW action figures

You weak, puny Americans...always with your wish lists...heaven forbid you have TV show you love and not have little plastic chachkis to boop around your decadent living quarters, filling that large hole in your life left from when your mother did not hug you enough. BAH!! (too much? ok...ok stop crying...I went too far.)

Funko is, once again, fulfiller of  dreams, creator of fantasy made real, DEVOURER OF LICENSES!!! Pay a visit to the ‘80s when spandex and hairspray reigned supreme with these GLOW action figures! Debbie “Liberty Belle” Egan and Ruth “Zoya the Destroya” Wilder are ready to reenact your favorite moments from the hit Netflix original series!

Funk says to "look for them this Summer!" and then popped in the wordage "Coming in September!" so...you know...keep watching for the pre-orders!

Funko Netflix GLOW action figures
Funko Netflix GLOW action figures

And now, for the most over indulgent, spoiled American thing i could possibly say. Ready? WHERE ARE MY OLD SCHOOL GLOW ACTION FIGURES??!! Really tho... Kind of a crime the Netflix series gets figures before the original ladies do. Someone fix that!

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